About us

Our mission is to make logistics of goods a pure-service-system of interacting parts that include people, technology, and business for higher performance.
MAGNETransit Ltd., is a pure-service-system company serving businesses in the domain of logistic of goods – consulting, custom clearing, transportation, handling and delivery. We strongly believe that as a privilege partner of the administration acting as an auxiliary of the customs, MAGNETransit Ltd., through our robust internal resources will improve on the performance of our clients’ businesses in a professional manner respecting the texts and regulations within the industry.

Logistic portfolios include: Consulting, Custom clearance, Transportation, Handling and Delivery.

At MAGNETransit Ltd., we are a strong believer that culture is the only thing that drives business. Therefore, we continuously nurture a culture of hard work, patience, empathy, respect, transparency, listening and learning with a laser focus on our purpose.

We further believe that our business philosophy and promise, purpose, core values, mission are all words and sentences on paper – our most critical task is finding the right people to join our team and voluntarily unleash their human magic to serve our customers with our culture in mind.

Why Us ?

From business standpoint, customers will benefit from our in-house interdependence, transparency, and efficient information exchange between units of our organizational chart.
Our business philosophy

Our business philosophy is to focus on helping customers to be more successful in their own businesses using our core competences.

Our Mindset

We believe that we are in business to deliver benefits to customers, paying attention to their business pains.

Our Knowledge

We are pleased to support our clients with our in-house knowledge.

Our Purpose

To provide logistics of goods through the concept of consulting, education, solution co-creation on the entire logistics process, on a case-by-case basis with the objective of a desired outcome.

Our Mission

To make logistics of goods a pure-service-system of interacting parts that include people, technology, and business for higher performance.

Our Vision

At MAGNETransit Ltd., we strongly believe that the core economic activities for the emergence of Cameroon and rest of Africa will be built on the service-solution system led-growth model. Our vision is therefore to build, develop and grow MAGNETransit Ltd., to a true service-solution system company, that will become a place for young dynamic Cameroonians to train, work, and dream, and scale the business model.

Our values

Here at MAGNETransit Ltd., our culture is built on courageous decisions, in a place where co-creation and collaboration are embedded in our daily activities and where our core values of professionalism, respect, perseverance and integrity shine through everything we do.

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Our Team

We have a diversified team and work together tirelessly to tackle and solve customers’ pains in logistics of goods. If you understand and believe in pure-service-system, then join us now…

YITCHEU Magloire

Directeur Transit

Rebecca Flinta

Administrative Assistant

Elongton Chris

Custom Clearing Agent

Rebeca Flinta

Customer Service